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Membership Types



Our BASIC Membership is our starter membership for all players. It is a month-to-month membership for a single game title. It provides one (1) practice and one (1) game per week for an 8-10 week gaming season, plus additional practices, scrimmages and events between seasons (excluding holiday weeks). This membership includes access to all XPL Public Events, XPL Private Events, and the ability to compete in XP League Tournaments, and External Events and Tournaments, both of which may have additional fees. See below for event type definitions.

The BASIC + membership simply adds another practice each week. This is only available for select titles and locations. It provides two (2) practices per week and one (1) game.


The Practice Only membership allow players to join our league at any time. At the beginning of our seasons we set our rosters, and generally we do not change our teams rosters for new players.

The Practice Only members will let new players jump right in and get started. It includes practices only, with opportunities to sub in for missing players on game day. It provides one (1) practice per week and no games. Practice only memberships convert to Basic memberships at the beginning of the season.

GAME PLUS Membership

The Game Plus membership allows players to play more than one game title (typically Fortnite plus another). Any player can play two or more game titles and receive 50% off the additional game(s).

In addition to the BASIC Membership, it provides one (1) additional practice per week and one (1) additional game per extra game title. Currently available for all game titles (schedule permitting) at all locations. Playing different games at different locations is allowed. Playing the same title at two locations in different divisions in not allowed. Game Plus memberships are priced at the BASIC Membership level. NAF Note: This option is popular for teams that will be going to NAF. Players must qualify in both titles to compete at NAF. NAF will only allow Fortnite Plus an additional title.

Event Types

XP League Public Events

XP League Public Events are exciting, inclusive, community-driven events that cater to all players, whether they are seasoned veterans or newcomers to the XP League. Open to the public, these events embrace the spirit of inclusivity, allowing everyone, regardless of their skill level, to join in the fun. Our Halloween Scare Scrimmage sent shivers down the spines of participants as they battled it out via a Fortnite Battle-Royale, while the PAL-N-TINES Duo Cup provided a platform for duos to showcase their chemistry and teamwork. These are just a taste of what our public events offer, as we continuously strive to surprise and delight our community with fresh, innovative events.

XP League Only Events

XP League Only Events are highly anticipated gatherings designed exclusively for XP League players. These events, such as our renowned Fortnite Pro-Am / Tilt Cancer / COPE event, offer a unique and exclusive experience tailored to the competitive gaming community within XP League. As an XP League member, you automatically gain entry to XP League Only Events, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in these exclusive gatherings. These events serve as an additional incentive to join XP League, complementing the already enriching experience of our regular competitions and community-driven activities.

XP League Tournaments

XP League Tournaments showcase the pinnacle of competitive gaming within our community, offering exclusive opportunities for XP League players to demonstrate their skills and compete at the highest level. These tournaments, including the highly anticipated North American Regionals, North American Finals, and other prestigious events, are specifically designed for XP League players, ensuring an unparalleled level of competition and camaraderie.

Participation in these tournaments is optional, allowing players to choose their level of involvement based on their interests and availability. While some tournaments may have additional fees, such as the North American Regionals, and others may require travel, such as the North American Finals, the rewarding experiences and recognition that await our players make them well worth the investment.

Although certain tournaments are reserved for the top-performing teams, we believe in fostering inclusivity and equal opportunity for all our players. Therefore, every month-to-month membership includes the invaluable ability to participate, ensuring that players of all levels have a chance to compete and showcase their talent on the big stage.

External Events & Tournaments

XP League recognizes the importance of growth and diversity in the gaming journey of our players. That's why we offer External Events & Tournaments, expertly organized by our coaching staff and often scheduled on practice days, and generously sponsored by our XP League Macomb and Troy locations. These events take place outside the XP League framework and provide valuable opportunities for players to showcase their skills and enhance their gameplay across various game modes and styles.

These events and tournaments can be hosted at esteemed Colleges and Universities, renowned gaming arenas, on-site venues, or even through online tournament platforms. This diversity in venues allows players to explore different environments and adapt to varying competitive settings, further honing their abilities.

These events are designed to broaden horizons and foster healthy competition beyond the XP League ecosystem. Led by our dedicated coaching staff, they provide invaluable opportunities to sharpen skills, test strategies, and gain exposure to different gaming communities. Whether you're seeking to excel in your favorite game mode or explore new play styles, XP League offers the perfect platform for growth and expansion.

As an XP League member with a month-to-month membership, you automatically gain access to participate in these External Events & Tournaments. This inclusive approach ensures that every player, regardless of skill level or experience, can take part in these enriching endeavors and reap the benefits of expanding their gaming prowess.



*Plus (+) memberships, offering 2 practices per week, are only available on select game titles (Fortnite) and dependent on demand and coach availability. ** Tournament registration fees outside of XP League are not included. Some XP League and External Events and Tournaments are age restricted to 13+. *** NAF Jerseys are not included in the NAF Fee for qualifying players and players going to NAF. Memberships auto-renew, month-to-month, until you tell us to cancel, even after the initial term (3 or 6 months) is over. Parents can cancel after the initial term by giving a 30-day notice. For team continuity, we ask that parents do not leave in the middle of a gaming season. A custom Raven jersey cost is estimated to be $55 + SH and required for season play. Our "8-Week Season Only" options have been deprecated, and are no longer available.

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