XP League Macomb


Welcome to XP League Macomb!

LeagueSpot is an Esports tournament engine that makes it easy to run our XP League tournaments. We are also using it to coordinate our XP League Esports program to manage our teams, schedules, rosters, standings, scores, and much more. We need your help to register your new player in LeagueSpot.

Below you will find instructions on how to get your player registered with LeagueSpot. After they are registered using our custom URL, we can add them to their appropriate team.

How to Create a LeagueSpot Account

Open a browser on your phone or other device and click HERE to go to the sign-up page for our league. You can also click the Visit LeagueSpot button, or scan the QR code with your phone.

  • UserName. The player's Gamertag works well

  • Email. Enter the parent’s email.

  • Child Info First Name & Last Name. We are sensitive to having your child's information online. We recommend First Name and Last Name Initial. Example: John D

  • DOB. Players birthday. IMPORTANT: If your player is under 13, use parent birthday.

  • Create a Password. Choose a secure password. We HIGHLY recommend writing it down.

  • Interested Games. Select all the games the player is interested in.

  • Questions. Click all the checkboxes.

  • Click Join Division.

Visit LeagueSpot or use

QR Code Below